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Air cargo transport

Air cargo transport is as costly as it is vulnerable. Therefore, you’d like to cooperate with an experienced logistics partner that arranges your air cargo properly right away. Y&O has been committed to efficiently coordinating air cargo transport for more than 12 years and therefore has extensive knowledge of airport and security regulations. Whether you want to transport radioactive substances or batteries, we will quickly find a suitable, cost-conscious solution. Standard, Economy, Priority, or Express: your wish is our command. And if you want to transport goods with uncommon dimensions, you can, of course, also contact us!

What to expect from air cargo transport

When you rely on Y&O for your air transport we deliver:

  • Efficient action: air transportation handled rapidly
  • Short communication lines: we constantly keep you informed
  • Cost-consciousness: quality at the best possible price
  • Thorough knowledge: Y&O knows the tricks of the air cargo trade
  • A proactive approach: we monitor the status of your shipment

For all the types of cargo you can transport through us, you can count on these services. This also goes for the transportations of chemicals, such as lithium ion batteries

“Air cargo requires its own approach. We handle incoming and outgoing air cargo shipments on a daily basis. This requires knowledge, experience, and an ability to act quickly.”

Outsource your air shipping to our experts

Security is crucial where air transport is concerned. Strict rules ensure that air cargo shipping can be touched by just a few hands. Because Y&O understands the importance of security, our staff is qualified by several certificates. They can call themselves air cargo employees and handle goods which were transported by air, in our 24/7 secured TAPA warehouse. Because air cargo shipping always involves certain risks, we also offer you the opportunity to take out a reliable transportation insurance policy through us. Please feel free to ask us about the possibilities. We are happy to explain the benefits of such an insurance policy for air cargo shipping to you. You can contact us by phoning +31 (0) 252 624 257 or sending an email to info@yando.nl.


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