Want to transport lithium ion and metal batteries in the right way? Let Y&O help you organize and carry out a streamlined logistics process!

Transporting batteries is a complicated process in which regulations play a crucial role. If, for example, you want to arrange international air transportation for lithium ion batteries, you will quickly become entangled in a web of rules and formalities. Such strict rules are necessary, because your shipment contains dangerous substances. Therefore, you need a logistics expert that takes your cargo from point a to b in a smooth and efficient manner. Y&O has been involved in the transportation of batteries for more than 12 years and has extensive experience in organizing an efficient logistics process. The transportation of lithium ion batteries requires the thorough knowledge that we possess. If you want to store your shipment in addition to transporting it, we are obviously happy to arrange this for you as well. Furthermore, we can help you package lithium ion and metal batteries correctly. Our employees possess expert knowledge. For example, they have a ‘Lithium Batteries Air Transportation’ certificate. We are happy to provide you with a complete solution to ensure that your batteries will reach their final destination in a smooth and timely manner!


From picking up your shipment to handling customs formalities: Y&O can comply with all your logistics requirements! We are:

  • Fast: your lithium ion and/or metal batteries will reach their destination in a timely manner
  • Solution-oriented: we turn problems into solutions
  • Committed: you are not a number to us
  • Flexible: we respond to special wishes and demands
  • Service-oriented: you can ask us all your questions


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